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COVID-19 Company Response List

Insurance company policies pertaining to COVID 19

Please note that this is a Partial guide in general terms only and does not guarantee or ensure that policies will not be terminated, changed or amended without notice by the insurer – additionally this is a summary of policies and is not intended to replace a companies policies in full. Further, coverage cannot be confirmed without express written confirmation by the company and your Dorey & Tolgyesi Insurance Broker.

Below are general policies and guidelines indicated to Dorey & Tolgyesi by our main insurance company partners. If your insurer is not included on the list below, please reach out to us for further information, we’re happy to help if more information is required.

This page is updated 2 times a week.

Update May 5, 2020


Payment Deferral – members with a good payment history may be given  flexibility on a case by case basis

– may reduce NSF fee’s


Stay at Home Auto Premium Credit

Will provide a 25% credit on one month’s premium to Canadian Auto Customers

Customers will receive the credit automatically



Emergency Declaration Endorsement is in effect ( including Personal Auto but not IRCA ) meaning policies may not  be cancelled during the EDE period 

EDE is in effect for up to 30 days past the end of the declaration – effective date was March 17 2020 

Payments may be  postponed for a month or be spread over remaining term



Customers Ill or caring for someone with  COVID, who have financial burden due to layoff, or business closure  as a result of COVID may defer monthly payment for 1 month 

Temporary suspending cancellations and NSF fees until April 30 2020 

Customer Care Package – for auto policies in force as of April 9th 2020 Gore will mail out a cheque for 20% of 3 months premiums 


Beginning May 5, 2020, customers who notify  Dorey & Tolgyesi Ins Brokers us that they’re driving less than before will see a temporary minimum rate reduction of approximately 15% per vehicle. This is an extension of our previous announcement where we were offering a rate reduction of up to 15%.

For customers who inform Dorey & Tolgyesi Ins Brokers that they’re driving less, we’re also removing the requirement for them to notify  Dorey & Tolgyesi Ins Brokers once their driving situation has changed and instead will apply the rate reduction for 90 days automatically for all changes effective prior to May 31, 2020.

This rate reduction is available to all qualifying private passenger vehicles where the customer is driving less, including those currently rated as pleasure use, customers who are commuting to work but driving significantly less, and all driving classes (including underage principal drivers). The size of rate reduction will continue to reflect the magnitude of the usage reduction – larger reductions in-vehicle use will result in larger premium reductions.


From May 1, 2020, customers who are driving less may be entitled to a 15% discount on their Auto Insurance premiums until June 1, 2020



No changes in payment  process to date have been confirmed 

Please feel free to call us if any further clarification is needed, as your Broker, we’re always here to help you.


NSF fees to be waived until May 25 2020 

Payment deferrals will be considered on a case by case basis by underwriting 


 As this situation is changing frequently we are working hard to keep you up to date on any changes that may affect your premium. 

In the meantime If you are no longer commuting to work, please contact our office to arrange for a change in use of vehicle. By reducing the use of your vehicle and the annual mileage you can reduce the premium on your auto policy